Finance Optimizing Your Engagement With a Staff Augmentation Partner

For companies and individuals challenged every day by the task of finding and placing the right IT staff, a strong relationship with an IT staffing services company – one that specializes in information technology talent, both mainstream and digital – can be a formidable asset. Partnering with an IT staffing company leads to great advantages. The following suggestions offer some helpful advice to maximize the return on your investment in a staff augmentation partner.1. Set your expectations of the staff augmentation partner, from the very beginning of the engagement.

Define your expectations for partner performance

o What are your typical employee requisition lead times?o What do you expect for response times?o How do you want the IT staffing company to communicate with you?

Define quality standards

o Provide a clear (and detailed) list of requirements for every job ordero Ask the IT staffing company not to under-fill or over-fill positions.2. Take a proactive approach to planning what you need from the staff augmentation partner, how it’s needed, and by when it’s needed.

Develop as accurate a forecast as you can for your IT project staffing needs. Consider the following:

o Current project loado Expected new initiativeso Current talent – to determine the types of technical skills you will need, the number of people you will need, and the likely timing of your needs

Meet with your preferred IT staffing company so they can be proactive about recruiting

Provide as much lead time as you can for each job requisition
3. Train the staff augmentation partner on what “IT talent” means to you, and what they should be able do for you and your company.

Teach your IT staffing company about your projects and objectives. Make sure they understand what you want to accomplish and your time and budget constraints

Educate the IT staffing company about your work environment

o What types of people are most likely to succeed?o What are the personality styles of your managers and supervisors? What are they looking for?4. Define your expectations for candidate orientation and training.

What could your IT staffing company do to help maximize productivity?

How many quality control checks and follow-ups do you need or prefer

What type of quality control checks and follow-ups do you need or prefer?
5. Communicate your needs clearly to IT staffing services staff.

Develop a relationship with a recruiter you trust. You’ll save time in ordering, and increase the quality of service and candidates

Learn the names of other managers and recruiters in the IT staffing company who will be able to help you, should your main contact be unavailable

How do you prefer to place orders? Do you wish to call, e-mail, or use an online order form to submit your needs?

How do you want the IT staffing service to contact you? When is the best time to do so?
6. Develop IT staffing strategies.

Analyze your workflow to look for opportunities to improve IT staffing efficiency, and get your key people working on the most important tasks

Evaluate current and potential IT staffing issues, such as turnover, morale, and other staff problems

Create strategies for the recruitment and training of IT talent under best and worst-case growth plans
A significant portion of IT managers feel overwhelmed by their workloads, and while asking for help, entities such as HR, Finance & Accounting, and senior leadership all state their own reasons why hiring is not feasible. However, teaming up with an IT staffing company provides IT managers with the operational leverage to work on their core competencies, all the while the staff augmentation partner takes on the hiring process to provide the most competent IT staff. With IT being the core factor of a competitive advantage, investing in an IT staff augmentation partner, that can effectively and efficiently deliver those lucrative “purple squirrels,” should be the goal of any IT manager.